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Start Date
November 2021

Making sports accessible to everyone is crucial, but it doesn't stop there for Urban Sports Club. The company believes that the most impactful way to inspire people is by caring about their wants, needs, and overall well-being. By approaching business with a caring and compassionate spirit, it became increasingly vital for Urban Sports Club to understand its impact on the environment.

To do so, they successfully measured their CO2 emissions in all scopes (direct and indirect emissions) to be able to compensate them through long-term carbon removal projects. Based on these results, they will actively work on data-driven emission reduction strategies and formulate their first ESG policy.

“Plan A has been a pleasure to work with, they’ve made it easy for us to navigate our sustainability journey and understand exactly how we can reduce our corporate carbon footprint.”
Jules Paturel
Corporate Development Manager


A deep dive into Urban Sports Club's corporate carbon footprint

Working with Plan A's carbon management software, the sports and wellness company gathered comprehensive data for its 2021 corporate carbon footprint, including the activity of its 600 employees and operations in 6 countries. This milestone helped understand the primary sources of their CO2 emissions and how to best act upon them.


After signing the Climate Pledge and monitoring its emissions, Urban Sports Club is determined to walk the sustainable talk. The company is ready to reduce its emissions drastically by implementing Plan A's action plan and building decarbonisation pathways. Then, our expert team will define science-based targets based on their 2021 emissions.

Moving forward, the sports company will assess its ESG performance to implement an efficient ESG policy and strategy.

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